Last Supper on German 1755 sampler

It might be too early for Holy Thursday, but this image of the Last Supper I simply wanted to share with you now. It is an rather unique pattern found on a 1755 band sampler. The girl (ADK?) added some other biblical stories. For instance an angel without the flaming sword about to expel Adam and Eve from paradise, a gate of Holy Jerusalem, the Crucifixion with the Arma Christi incl. the figures and names of the bad (Jesmas or Gestas) and good (Dismas) thieves. Moreover, the girl stitched four verses. Underneath the scene of the Last Supper with Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. The text says: Hier ist Jesus Speise und Dranck. Jesus' nimbus was worked with silver thread! ADK 1755 (collection Ex

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