Neeltje Frans Kat sampler

Finally, after more than a decade we can add a previously unknown piece to the Broek in Waterland group of samplers. The samplers coming from this petite village are among the most remarkable and most important samplers ever produced in the Netherlands.

The sampler was made by Neeltje Frans Kat(s) in 1692-1693. It has verses, the distinctive church, the hearts and crosses, a central Maria pattern, the fighting dogs, the housemarks and so much more. And of course the row of band-patterns. The girl worked in great detail and used all kind of stitches (a double sided long-armed cross stitch for example).

Neeltje Frans Kat 1693, born in 1681 in Broek in Waterland

The list of samplers shows us that Neeltje's sampler is the youngest one and that there is so far a total of just sixteen Broek samplers. Please, for further reading I refer to a previous blog of August 12, 2011 (!) at and to our webpage.

Here are the girls:

1) Trijntje Jans 1640

2) Immetje Cornelisdochter 1652

3) Geertjen Cornelisdochter 1656

4) Annetje Muusdochter 1663

5) Aeltgen Maertesdochter, circa 1670

6) Neeltje Jacobsdochter 1670

7) Reimerich Dircksdochter 1673

8) Aeltje Claasdochter 1673

9) Nelletjen Claes Verlaansdochter 1674

10) Claesie Jansdochter 1674

11) Eechje Jacobsdochter 1678

12) Neeltje Mues Mars 1679

13) Lobbetje Nanninghsdochter 1688

14) Aeltje Cornelis Corvers 1688

15) Grietje Albersdochter 1689

16) Neeltje Frans Kat(s) 1693

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