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List of Middelburg Darning samplers

Door mijn gedaan; Done by me …

In one hundred years, about 140 Middelburg girls were taught by more than twenty teachers.

Maria Letellier was the most productive and possibly also the most influencing teacher. Her name was stitched 23 times on a sampler in the 1750's-1770's. She was followed by the names of the teachers Tannetje Wackeroet with 18 times and Adriana de Vroe with 15 times.

Updated June 2024

Year- Teacher- Girl- Collection**

1715 No teacher, probably Maria Kuypers, PK (see picture)

1719 Maria Kuypers, Elisabeth Mare

1719 Maria Kuypers, Pieternella Trat

1723 Maria Kuypers, Lena Henderik at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

1730 Maria Marinisse, Adriana Kakelaar

1730 Maria Marinisse, Catharina Stierman

1731 Sara Rodijn, Elisab. Wesselinck at Museum voor Heem-en Oudheidkunde, Kontich Belgie

1736 Lydia de Does, Petronella Johanna de Timmerman at Streekmuseum de Koperen Knop, Hardinxveld

1737 No teacher, possibly Sara Rodijn , HvD at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg (unfinished)

1738 Sara Rodijn, PvH

1742 Sara Rodijn, GvW at Gemeente Museum Den Haag

1742 Sara Rodyn, TRS (TSR), Museon Den Haag

1742* No teacher, Joanna de Boodt, (first Middelburg fig.sampler with full name)

1743 Janna van Driesen, Anna Nevejans (Cleveland Museum of Art)

1743 Johanna van Driessen, Johanna Bomme at Museum De Meestoof, St.Annaland

1743 Lidia de Does, Cornelia Kroef

1743 Johanna van Driessen, Susanna van Diepenbeek Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

1744 Lidia de Does, Susanna Iohanna van de Coppello at Museum of Int. Folk Art, Santa Fe USA

1745 Janna van Driessen, Pieternella Carrijn

1745 Lydia de Does, Cornelia Maria Castel

1747 Lidia de Does, Geerardina M Kappeyne at Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe USA

1748 Fransina Engels, M.van Citters

1748 Cornelia Berkman, Joanna Steenbakker

1750 Cornelia Berkman, Pieternella Berkman

1750 Cornelia Berkman, L I van Hoorn at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

1753 Maria Letellier, Martye Noordhoek at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

1754 Maria Letellier, Sara Pouwels

1755 Maria Letellier Mechelina Goedzee

1756 Wilhelmina Adriaansen, Suzanna Catherina de Ka

1756 Maria Letellier, Anna van der Wielen

1757 Maria Letellier, Adriana Groll

1758 Maria Letellier, L C Kasteleyn

1758 Maria Letellier, Cornelia van Otter

1759 Maria Letellier, Aplonia de Kuypers at Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas USA

1759 Maria Letellier, Maria Catrina Droowe at Fries Museum, Leeuwarden

1759 Cornelia van Belsen, Adriana Welp

1761 Maria Letellier, P Maria de Meyer

1761 Maria Letellier, Johanna van Heulen 2x

1761 Maria Letellier, P Maria de Meyer

1761 Maria Letellier, Anna van Dalen at Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe USA

1763 Cornelia van Belsen, Margriet Adeh

1763 SS (Sara Scholtus), Gerarda Gerritsen at Victoria & Albert Museum , London UK

1764 SS (Sara Scholtus), Maria Johanna Lindenaar at Museum De Bevelanden, Goes

1764* No teacher, Jannetje Kriekhaar at Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge UK

1765 Maria Letellier Susanna Levina Eversdijk

1765 Maria Letellier, Aplonia Verhulst (see picture)

1766 Cornelia van Belsen, Cornelia Smit

1760's Sara Scholtus (possibly), no girl, at Historisch Museum De Bevelanden, Goes

1767 Wilhelmina Adriaansen, Petronella Johanna Ackermans at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

1768 Maria Letellier, Cornelia van den Boogerd

1768 Sara Scholtus, Adriana Dosseyn at Centraal Museum, Utrecht

1770 SS (Sara Scholtus), Elisabeth Susanna der Kinderen

1771 Maria Letellier, Jacoba Stamperius at Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe USA

1771 Cornelia van Belsen, Helena van Vollenhove

1771 Maria Elisabeth Hendriks, Maria van Tiggele

1771 Tannetje Wackeroet, Adriana Johanna Ackermans

1772 Maria Elisabeth Hendricks, Dina Roblyn

1772 Maria Franse Maria Petronella Schorer

1772 * Maria Franse (possibly), Magdalena Lorsbach at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

1773 Maria Letellier, Catharina Vervoort at Merklappen Museum, Dieteren

1773 Maria Letellier Nugons, Elisabeth Catharina Blaaubeen

1773*SS (Sara Scholtus), MBC (aged 9), Cleveland Museum of Art

1773 Maria Franse, Maria Sterk

1773* Maria Franse (possibly), Cornelia Sanders at Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem

1775 Maria Letellier, Abigail Adriana Dane

1775 Maria Elisabeth Hendriks, Sara Johanna Roblijn at Ned. Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem

1776 Maria Letellier, Dina Aartsen

1776 SS (Sara Scholtus), IN

1776 Tannetje Wackeroet, Catharina Margeret. Saaijmans at His.Museum De Bevelanden, Goes

1777 Maria Letellier, Martina Plack

1777 Maria Franse (possibly), CAL (Catharina Adriana Leunissen)

1777 Maria Letellier, Dina Smytegelt at Groot Begijnhof, Sint-Amandsberg

1778 Tannetje Wackeroet, Christina Berkers at Philadelphia Museum of Art

1778 Maria Franse, I P Leunisse at Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe USA

1778 Maria Franse, Clara van den Broecke at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

1778 Tannetje Wackeroet, Jozina Margrieta Batty at Merklappen Museum, Dieteren

1779 Cornelia van Assendelft, Catarina Barbera van Loysen Merklappen Museum, Dieteren

1779 Tannetje Wackeroet, Johanna Elizabeth Stavorinus

1780 Maria Franse, CA Leunisse Museum Lakenhal, Leiden

1780 Tannetje Wackeroet, Catherina Johanna op den Dijk at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

1781 Tannetje Wackeroet, Tannetje van Burg

1781 Tannetje Wackeroet, Maria Catherina Baden

1781 Tannetje Wackeroet, Heyltie Blees

1782 Maria Symonsen, Alida Kerssen at Zeeuws Museum (?), Middelburg

1782* SS (Sara Scholtus), C I i t A (Catharina Johanna in 't Anker?)

1783 Maria Franse, D I Blommaart

1783* SS (by SS), M M

1784 Maria Symonsen, Johanna Barendina Barense

1784 SS (Sara Scholtus), A I P (Te M In Z)

1785 Maria Franse, Anna Swartou at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

1785 Maria Franse, Seba Hendrix

1785 SS (Sara Scholtus), MBB at Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem

1785 Tannetje Wackeroet, Johanna Henrietta van Voorst

1786 Maria Franse, Iac. Cor de Visser

1786 Cornelia van Assendelft, Anna M. van de Spiegel at Hist. Museum De Bevelanden, Goes

1786 Cornelia van Assendelft, I Brouwer

1786* Sara Scholtus, T W T (?)

1787 Tannetje Wackeroet, Francina Westplate at Museum voor Heem-en Oudheidkunde, Kontich

1787 Tannetje Wackeroet, Catharina Adriana Wagemaker

1787 Tannetje Wackeroet, Anna Magdalena Snoeck Hurgronje

1787* Sara Scholtus, C S H

1788 Cornelia van Assendelft, Elizabeth Jacoba Koolhaas

1789 Cornelia van Assendelft, Cornelia Finie

1790 (circa) Cornelia van Assendelft, Pieternella van Assendelft (sisters)

1791 SdT (Sara de Troi, weduwe Ooms, mother), Sara Theresia Ooms (daughter)

1792 Tannetje Wackeroet, Adriana Lena Reuse at Museum Gouda

1792 Tannetje Wackeroet, W.A.Meusel

1793 Tannetje Wackeroet, NH Linquist at Stedelijk Museum, Zutphen

1793 Cornelia van Assendelft, Goverdina Antonetta de Lang at Borg Verhildersum, Leens

1793 I W Dormaar, M Dormaar at Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York USA

1793* Cornelia van Assendelft, M.S.van der Heys at Historisch Museum De Bevelanden, Goes

1794-1795 Tannetje Wackeroet, Pieternella Johanna Wagemaker

1794 Maria Hoff, Maria Cornelia Barbet

1795 Tannetje Wackeroet, E A Wisse (see picture)

1795 Adriana de Vroe, Pieternella Jacoba Goodwill

1795 Susanna van der Wiele, Maria Baale

1796 Adriana de Vroe, Catharina Bekol

1796 Adriana de Vroe, CM Kentgens

1796 Adriana de Vroe, H J Timmermanse

1796* Adriana de Vroe, M B v G

1797* Adriana de Vroe, M D S

1798 Maria Wolf, Pieternella Verbeek

1797* No teacher, Adriana Everts at Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem

1799 Maria Hoff, Sentina Fokker at Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee

1800 SDT Weduwe Ooms, Maria Roos Plytenaar

1800 Adriana de Vroe, Johanna Maria van den Broecke at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

1800* SDTWO, Pieternella Catharina Wagemakers

1802 SDT Weduwe Ooms, Anna Broeder

1803 SDT Weduwe Ooms, Catharina Rozetta Boudrez

1803* Adriana de Vroe, E I V A

1803 Sara de Troi, Maria Praag at Victoria & Albert Museum, London (see picture)

1803 Adriana de Vroe, Johanna van Heesik

1804 Adriana de Vroe, Johanna Jacoba Piepers

1805 Adriana de Vroe, Maria Cornelia van den Broecke at Gemeente Museum Den Haag

1805 Adriana de Vroe, Maria Wilhelmina van de Vondel

1805 Maria Hoff, Aplonia Pitronella van der Putte at Museum of Int. Folk Art, Santa Fe USA

1806 Maria Hoff, Catharina Johanna van de Kruysse

1806 Adriana de Vroe, Maria Catherina van Valkenburg

1807 Adriana de Vroe, Johanna van Wesel at Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem

1808 Adriana de Vroe, Neeltje Gerardina Blaaubeen at Stedelijk Museum, Zutphen

1815 I la Meer, Jacoba Johanna van Groenewegen

1815 Johanna la Meer, Petronella Johanna Dourlein

1815 (circa) I la Meer, M H Matzinger at Stedelijk Museum, Zutphen

Dates with * are figurative samplers. If location is not mentioned, samplers are owned privately.

Added September 2023, some elegant lettering by Petronella.

The first ...door mijn gedaan (or gemaekt in this case) worked by PK in 1715.

(picture courtesy of Carol and Stephan Huber)

One of the highlights in the century of darning samplers was made by Aplonia Verhulst in 1765 educated by the excellent teacher Maria Letellier who was active from 1753 to 1777.

(private collection)

In the early 19th century Maria Praag finished this sampler through education of Sara de Troi, aka SdT Weduwe Ooms.

(collection Victoria & Albert Museum, London)

This is a rather small example with teacherTannetje Wackeroet and pupil Elisabeth Wisse in 1795.

January 2023. Anna Nevejans sampler 1743 (Cleveland Museum of Art)

Added July 2023 :TRS gedaan door mij bij Sara Rodyn (Museon Den Haag)

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